That's why our goal is:

Impact the world by supporting
1 million people to their
best life by 2016.


  • 1

    Treat people as human beings first.

    Be a great company to work for and work with. And, fun, too! Bring heart and soul to uncharted territories.

  • 2

    Life is better shared with others.

    Make it easier, more helpful, and more fun for people to share life. Build awesome collaborative communities that change lives.

  • 3

    Follow fun and aliveness.

    Help people pursue that which they find fun and brings aliveness. Remind people that loving oneself is often the best way to love others.

  • 4

    Dare to be open and honest.

    Be a safe place for people to deal openly with the challenges of life.

  • 5

    Expect and embrace mistakes.

    Build an environment where people are free to make mistakes. Respond with grace and love.

  • 6

    Be not afraid or at least admit it when you are.

    Not let fear hinder us from pursuing our dreams. Recognize that fear is not a monster but a friend to be embraced.

  • 7

    Be present, wherever you are, and savor the journey.

    Help people stop and embrace wherever and whoever they are. Help people savor each moment of the journey to their goals.

  • 8

    See life as a whole.

    Help people nurture a holistic approach to life: professional, physical, and personal.


Jerry Colonna

Co-founder & Chairman


When I do a talk on the dangers of losing oneself in the fire of work, I often end with a set of recommendations to help keep oneself from getting lost. One of the most powerful of these is the notion of an ongoing support or advocacy group, especially from a group of peers. My vision for Cojourneo is to be a platform for folks to do just that. I'm especially proud of our values that serve as guiding principles behind everything we try to build and how we try to operate.

Andy Crissinger

Chief Coaching Officer


I joined the Cojourneo team about a year into the journey. What impressed me immediately were the company's values; I remember reading them and thinking, "Whoa. I want to be a part of that." I love helping people to connect with each other in meaningful ways and to support each other's personal transformations. Likewise, it's been awesome to help cultivate a unique internal environment (with a remote team!)—one where creativity, honesty, self-awareness, and healthy team dynamics are the norm.

Tonka Dobreva

VP Content

If someone told me that the only way to improve my life is to track and quantify it, I'd cringe and tell them to "get a life." The point of living happily is not to find the best technology out there that will allow us to over-analyze and fix what needs fixing until we one day wake up, finally liking who we are. That will only lead us to miss out on life altogether. I want to redefine our relationships with and within technology, so that we feel connected to one another, enjoy our lives as they evolve, stay aware of the choices we make and create lifestyles that inspire us to wake up in the morning, ready to seize the day. If not all day every day, on most days and most of the time.

Kevin Friedman

Co-founder & CEO


"Is it possible to be an entrepreneur and help people in a profound, soul enriching way?" That was the question I asked at one of Jerry's first workshops. I don't remember his exact response but I knew for the first time, the answer was "yes." My heart rejoiced with possibility and a new sense of purpose. That question marked the birth of Cojourneo in my life and represents my continued mission: to help people live an undivided life through authentic connection with their own souls and with fellow travelers on the journey.

Dan Putt

Co-founder & VP Product


Why is my work at Cojourneo important to me? Well, perhaps rather selfishly, I want to support the 24 year old Dan. I want to provide a map to this young Dan to an optimized life, a place where he feels fulfilled and stretched at the same time. I want to be there to support his internal work and serve as a partner as he pursues his goals. I want to provide the tools to help people live the life they choose to experience instead of the life that happens to them.

Jay Shirley



I hit a ceiling with Quantified Self, it’s too isolating and when it isn’t, it’s grounded in competition. I want collaboration and support. I want to discover what makes great coaches great, and how they help people achieve more. I want that for myself and to bring it to others.


Jeffrey Walker


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